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Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers

Lafayette Nursing Home Abuse lawyers help if a family member has been hurt or neglected at a Lafayette area nursing home.As the population of Lafayette ages, more and more residents find themselves in nursing homes. The strong demand for elder care means that there are not always enough qualified workers to take care of our older generations. Often, Lafayette nursing home residents suffer injuries through negligence, mistakes, insufficient monitoring, or even intentional cruelty. Lafayette Medical Malpractice Attorneys can help you if a family member has been injured or suffered a setback due to nursing home negligence.

There are generally two ways that someone can be injured in a nursing home or an assisted living. The first is negligence and the second is intentional harm by an Lafayette assisted living employee. Nursing home negligence is the most common type of abuse suffered by the elderly at the hands of professionals. Neglect can range from mistakes in providing medication or food to failure to light, heat, or cool a bedroom. Often, the effects of neglect are only minimal, but something as simple as forgetting to give your loved one a dose of medication could have serious or even deadly consequences. Typical results of Lafayette Parish Nursing Home Negligence include over-medication, falls, ulcers, pressure sores, skin lesions, gangrene, infections, bedsores, dehydration, malnutrition, and dangerous drug interactions. We bring our aging parents and grandparents to Lafayette Parish nursing homes in hopes that they will receive a level of care that we are unable to provide. For that reason, people are especially outraged when those left in the care of these professionals are not looked after appropriately.

Lafayette, LA Area Nursing Homes

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Unfortunately, there is a darker side to the abuse that can occur in nursing homes and other institutions for the elderly. Both physical and mental intentional abuse are more common that we would like to imagine. Even sexual abuse of the elderly has been found to occur. Abusive practices can include yelling at residents, ignoring them, lying to them or harassing them. Nursing home workers find themselves in a position of power and are often able to hurt the elderly without ever suffering repercussions. The Lafayette Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers on this page will do everything they can to get justice for your loved ones.

The State of Louisiana has enacted laws that require nursing home employees and others to report any cases of elder abuse or neglect (403.2. Abuse and neglect of adults).

Lafayette & Louisiana Elder Abuse Resources:Lafayette Elder Care Lawyers help if your parents have suffered an injury at a nursing home.

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Lafayette Nursing Home Malpractice Cases are extremely difficult and complicated. You need an Experienced Lafayette Elderly Abuse Attorney!

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